Hydroelectric Power Plant “Paso Bajito”
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The president of the CNE announces first Mini Hydroelectric private 4 MW in Jarabacoa

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Republic, Danilo Medina, was awarded a special power to President-CEO of the National Energy Commission (CNE), Mr. Enrique Ramirez, for the signing of definitive concession for Mini Hydroelectric Project 4 MW in the town of Paso Bajito in Jarabacoa. This will be the first Central hydraulic power plant delivers the Dominican government to private enterprise under the protection of Law 57-07 on Incentive to Renewable Energies.
The project, which will be developed by EVYP CARIBBEAN, SRL by installing a hydroelectric plant last, with an installed capacity of 4 MW, will run along the Jimenoa River, in Step Softly, Jarabacoa, province of La Vega.

Hydroelectric Power Plant Paso Bajito Dominican Republic We are finding Private/Business investors

For signing this final concession, held on Tuesday October 30 at the offices of the CNE, were present Eusebio Eriberto Pizzardin, Manager EVYP CARIBBEAN, SRL; Administrative Attache Consular and Trade of the Embassy of Italy, Mr. Andrea Rapido Ragozzino; Juan Rosario Ramirez and Feliz Antonio Duran, representatives of the Neighborhood of Step Softly, Jarabacoa and Parent Francisco Batista and Erinson, representatives of the Salesian Fathers, also from that location.
Also, were the Technical Project Manager Sergio Rivas Tejada, and Referrer the City of Jarabacoa, Ambiorix Jose Duran and Dania Jonestier. "With the signing of this final concession, the Government confirms the commitment to renewable energy and diversification of the energy matrix of the Dominican Republic. With this we give another step forward to demonstrate that our country can be made clean energy projects, as we are already developing wind and solar energy, "Ramirez said.

Technical aspects of the project
The project will use two hydraulic turbines Francis type, using a waterfall of 70 meters and a maximum flow of 6 m³ / s. The plant will have an annual power generation estimated between 15 and 17 GWh, with an estimated project up 4.85 million euros investment. "This firm has a very important private company in the country meaning, as it will be the first hydropower plant to the Dominican State surrender to that sector, confirmed the commitment and confidence of the government with private enterprise," concluded the president of the CNE.

- See more at: http://www.cne.gov.do/app/do/articulo.aspx?id=2692


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